5 Pharmaceutical Shipping Regulations You Need To Know

Transporting pharmaceuticals involves a certain level of expertise. Medications are often delicate, and you need to be able to deliver them on time or risk having them become unusable.

For example, you must keep vaccines at a specific temperature range, which can be costly. As a result, you need to take special precautions before shipping them. That’s why we’ve provided five pharmaceutical shipping regulations you need to know.

Maintain Proper Temperatures

One of the most crucial guidelines for transporting medications is that you need to keep them at a constant temperature. Temperature fluctuations of just two degrees can completely derail a pharmaceutical shipment. When you’re unable to maintain these products at the appropriate temperature, they might become useless and potentially dangerous to the individuals who use them.

Use the Right Packaging

Another requirement you need to follow while delivering pharmaceuticals is to ensure they’re in the correct packaging. You need to keep medical products inside insulated containers in addition to providing them in climate-controlled vehicles. Thermal packaging can protect against temperature variations, harmful sunlight, humidity, and other potentially harmful factors.

Follow Safety Protocols

While transporting drugs, it is vital to adhere to safety and security regulations. Freight theft is a genuine problem, especially when transporting heavily regulated products like drugs, and the last thing you want is someone breaking into your vehicle. An expert logistics provider can help address these issues and ensure the safety of pharmaceutical items.

Know Cold Chain Instructions

Manufacturers will provide you with carrier instructions to help ensure the safe travel of the pharmaceuticals. You must follow these instructions as closely as possible. They include details like driving restrictions, confidentiality, secure freight handling, incident notification, shipment tracking, and specified reaction times.

Highly Trained Drivers

It’s critical to have a well-trained driver delivering pharmaceuticals as well. While transporting lifesaving supplies like medications, a driver’s attention to detail is crucial. Drivers keep items secure by avoiding needless stops, bypassing high-crime zones on their routes, and leaving the vehicle unattended for as little time as possible.

Whenever you’re tasked with delivering potentially lifesaving medications, keep these five pharmaceutical shipping regulations you need to know in mind to ensure safe delivery. Emerald Transportation Solutions is a trusted refrigerated truck manufacturer that can design and build the perfect vehicle for your company. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.