All-Electric & Hybrid Refrigerated Vehicles

VanMax™ – Bigger Than a Van, Smaller Than a Truck

Allelectric refrigerated vehicles are the next evolution of commercial transportation. Electric and hybrid vehicles are growing in popularity for various reasons, not least of which is their impact on the environment (which is minimal). Delivery companies and frozen food companies that want to be eco-friendly are discovering hybrid and allelectric refrigerated vehicles and making them part of their fleet. Refrigerated trucks and vans are the latest commercial vehicles to transition to hybrid and fullelectric motors. As commercial van and truck manufacturers continue to make improvements on their hybrid and electric vehicles, there will be a continued increase of them on the road. Emerald Transportation is a leader in refrigerated box trucks, reefer trucks, refrigerated catering vans, and more. Take a look at all of our insulated trucks and vans today. 

What Is Mechanical Refrigeration?