Insulated Vans for Sale

Refrigerated vans are a great solution when you have the need for small to medium load requirements. They are economical, easy to drive and in most cases fall under the DOT weight requirements for having to cross weigh scales. At Emerald Transportation, we carry many different models of refrigerated vans, including compact, full-size, and mid + high roof. The compact insulated vans for sale are the smallest, and many typically use them for flower deliveries and small grocery deliveries to urban customers looking for the convenience of home delivery. The mid + high roof is the largest of our insulated vans, which is perfect for larger payloads that aren’t big enough for a truck or Van Max. Learn more about our insulated vans for sale today!


Insulated van
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Full-Size Refrigerated Delivery Van
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Mid + High Roof

Insulated Vans For Sale
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