What You Need To Know About Safely Transporting Dairy

People across the country consume dairy products daily. Many people simply go to the grocery store, pick up a carton of milk, and move on. Rarely do consumers think about how that product got on the shelf. The process of transporting dairy is more complicated than some might think. We explain what you need to know about safely transporting dairy, so read on to learn more.


When you consider what you need to know about safely transporting dairy, it’s important to consider hygiene. In today’s world, many people are concerned with hygiene. Would you reach for a dirty milk container? Probably not. The products must be clean because consumers eventually take the products home. It’s also important that the vehicle is clean since that’s what transports the dairy products. Be sure to sanitize the vehicle before and after each trip. This ensures the products are clean when they arrive at their destination.


What is the most important aspect of transporting dairy? Temperature. Dairy goes in the fridge because it’s temperature-sensitive. If dairy isn’t refrigerated, it spoils. Since dairy must remain cold, it must also be cold during transportation. Refrigerated trucks make it possible to transport goods at a specific temperature. Refrigerated trucks allow dairy to safely arrive at its destination. These trucks are refrigerated and insulated to keep the products safe and consumable.


Temperature is important, but so is time. Dairy products must arrive at their destination on time because they must be consumed before their expiration dates. Each dairy product has a date printed on the container. The date printed on the package suggests when the product is at its best. Consumers should consume the product before this date. Therefore, the product must be transported quickly so consumers can buy the product before that date passes.

A refrigerated van makes it easy to safely transport dairy. At Emerald Transportation Solutions, we have many options, including a small refrigerated van. Regardless of your operation, we have something for you. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.