Do Insulated Vans Work as Well as Insulated Trucks

If you are in a business that can benefit from having a refrigerated vehicle, you may be trying to decide whether to purchase a truck or van. One of the factors you may be considering is the quality of insulation between the two. Here, we try to answer the question of whether insulated vans work as well as insulated trucks.

Why Does a Vehicle Need Insulation

Heat flows through the air in your van or truck via convection. Warmer air rises to the roof while colder air descends to the ground. Insulation restricts heat movement into and out of your vehicle, preventing it from quickly heating up in hotter weather and making it much easier to achieve your desired temperature.

Insulation in Refrigerated Vehicles

Refrigerated vehicles can travel extended distances in sweltering conditions. As a result, insulation is an essential component of a refrigerated vehicle. The most common type of insulation for refrigerated vans and trucks is high-density polymer foam, which has many tiny air bubbles that prevent heat from entering the compartment where products are stored.

Typically, the insulation in refrigerated vans and insulated trucks works because they will use the proper amount of insulation in each compartment to handle the loads they carry. Therefore, the question of whether to use a refrigerated van or truck will primarily come down to your business needs.

When To Use a Van

If you are running a smaller operation, such as a floral shop or catering business, you may find that a refrigerated van will ideally suit your business needs. If you don’t require a lot of space to hold products, vans will usually be more than enough to handle your loads. Vans are also more maneuverable than trucks to fit into tighter spaces and are perfect for delivering and transporting products locally.

When To Use a Truck

Suppose you run a grocery store or other business that requires transporting a more considerable number of goods. It would help if you considered a refrigerated truck. Trucks are rugged and perfect for hauling products across long distances. They also can handle heavier loads while keeping them cool for extended periods.

Whether you decide to purchase a refrigerated truck or van, you will want to know that you are getting a quality vehicle. Emerald Transportation Solutions offers a range of insulated vehicles that can fit your needs, including refrigerated cargo vans. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our vehicles.