Mid and High Roof Vans

Shop for mid-and high-roof vans from Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, and Ram today at Emerald Transportation Solutions. Make your fleet fast and mobile with these refrigerated vans so that you can meet customer demand at all times. Smaller fleets are more versatile and mobile in urban areas where congestion and traffic are the norm. Mid-and high-roof vans let you cover more area faster than a large box truck. You can deliver your goods right to the customer’s front door quickly and on time. Have a look at all of our refrigerated trucks and vans today to add speed and mobility to your delivery fleet.

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Mid- and High-Roof Vans

Mid and high roof vans offer similar payload capacities to full size vans but give you more height.

Are you looking for a refrigerated delivery vehicle solution that provides the extra space you need beyond what a standard van provides? At Emerald Transportation Solutions, we have the answer. Shop for high- and mid-roof vans for sale manufactured by Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, and Ram right here on our website. Make your fleet fast and mobile with these refrigerated vans and meet customer demand at all times.

Whether you are searching for a Ford transit van mid roof model or Ford van high roof model, we have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we get pertaining to this topic below:

What is the temperature range of the refrigeration unit?

The refrigeration units on refrigerated (reefer) vans tend to have a temperature range that offers between 20 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is controlled by the driver via a thermostat, the control and monitor for which is mounted in the van’s cab.

How can I customize the interior of the van to fit my specific needs (e.g. shelving, racks, etc.)?

There are many options for methods of customization, however, when you buy a reefer van with Emerald Transportation Solutions, we offer customization in-house, so that your vehicle is ready to perfectly serve your business as soon as you pick it up.

What is the payload capacity of the mid and high-roof refrigerated van?

This depends on the level of customization within the refrigeration unit as the weight of that will be subtracted from the overall payload and the remaining weight limit will be the payload. The payload of vans also differs from van to van, so to find out the payload of whichever vehicle you choose call us at (678) 831-9975.

What is the price of the mid and high-roof refrigerated van?

The price of mid and high-roof refrigerated vans will depend entirely on the make of the vehicle, the model and size, and what level of customization you require on your mid and high-roof refrigerated van. To get a quote call us at (678) 831-9975 to speak to our friendly experts.

Are the flooring and walls insulated?

The whole refrigeration unit on our reefer vans is insulated, ensuring that the unit always works efficiently and that the thermostat is never overworked, protecting them from outside temperature and preventing the escape of cool air.