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Emerald Transportation’s Refrigerated Trucks

Todd Cawley | January 16th, 2024

Transporting perishable goods across the nation’s highways comes with its own set of unique challenges, particularly when it comes to maintaining optimal temperatures. That’s where refrigerated trucks come into play. Emerald Transportation Solutions is dedicated to keeping your cargo cool and fresh from origin to destination. Here, we delve into the cold facts about refrigerated trucks and explore the offerings of one of the area’s largest refrigerated trucking companies.

The Critical Role of Refrigerated Trucks
Ensuring Freshness on the Go

Refrigerated trucks, or reefers, are more than just vehicles; they are the life preservers of perishable products. These specially designed trucks feature refrigeration units that control the internal temperature, making them essential for transporting food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive goods. Emerald Transportation Solutions offers various refrigerated trucks and vans, each tailored to meet specific delivery needs with precision.

Tailoring to Industry Needs

It’s not just about maintaining a cool temperature; it’s about catering to the unique demands of each product being transported. Whether it’s delicate flowers or robust dairy products, refrigeration needs vary drastically. Emerald Transportation Solutions works diligently to provide customized refrigerated vans and trucks, from compact designs for quick urban deliveries to larger trucks capable of handling cross-country hauls.

Crafting Custom Refrigerated Transportation

Emerald Transportation Solutions stands out with its commitment to customization and customer service. Understanding that each client has unique needs, Emerald collaborates with all major chassis, body, and refrigeration unit manufacturers to design and construct the ideal refrigerated delivery vehicles for any company. Our selection includes a diverse range of trucks and vans, ensuring a perfect fit for every customer’s specific delivery requirements.

Innovating with Electric and Hybrid Options

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial, Emerald Transportation Solutions proudly leads with electric and hybrid refrigerated vehicles. These innovative options offer an environmentally friendly choice, showing that Emerald doesn’t just follow trends – it sets them.

The Leader of the Pack: Emerald Transportation Solutions

While Emerald Transportation Solutions focuses on delivering quality refrigerated transportation solutions, it’s essential to recognize the major players in the industry. Our team sets a high standard for operational efficiency and expansive service coverage.

Your Next Step to Reliable Cold Chain Solutions

Choosing the right partner for your refrigerated transportation needs is critical. Emerald Transportation Solutions is dedicated to crafting the most efficient and reliable refrigerated vans and trucks for your business. Whether delivering sensitive pharmaceuticals, fresh produce, or any perishable item, you can count on Emerald to build a solution that ensures your goods arrive in perfect condition.

Ready to explore how Emerald Transportation Solutions can revolutionize your cold chain logistics?

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What does under DOT mean?

Questions regarding DOT requirements come up often. 10,000 lbs GVW (gross vehicle weight) and over are commercial vehicles that fall under the Department of Transportation regulatory requirements.

What is the difference between GVW and payload?

GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight is the entire weight of the vehicle including the payload. The payload weight represents the amount of cargo you are hauling.

What is a self-powered unit and a vehicle-powered unit?

A self-powered unit has its own fuel source and will run independent of the truck. This is the heaviest and most expensive option. While vehicle-powered units run off the engine via a compressor mounted on the engine. These are less expensive and lighter in weight but you must run the truck or plug the electric standby into shore power.

What does K-factor mean and why is that important?

K-factor is a term that stands for the overall insulating value of the container (truck body). Quite simply the lower the K-factor the better the truck body will be able to maintain a given temperature and require less energy to do so.

How much lighter is a Poly Van vs a US spec body?

Poly Van bodies are very light. On average we estimate we are 75-150 lbs per foot lighter than a traditional sheet and post foamed in place body. These weight savings translates to less fuel burn and less CO2 emissions, along with added payload, the most important benefit.

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