Industries That Can Benefit From Using a Refrigerated Van

When transporting goods, it is essential to maintain the quality of everything you are carrying. If, for example, you were to ship frozen desserts from one state to another without ensuring a consistent temperature, the desserts would melt, and it would be a disaster for your business. This example illustrates the importance of having the right equipment for the job. A refrigerated van is a perfect vehicle for keeping goods at cold temperatures. If you’re curious if you might need one, we’ve created a guide on different industries that can benefit from using a refrigerated van.


Pharmacies may not spring immediately to mind when you think about refrigeration, but cold storage serves a key role in providing the medicine that many people rely on for their well-being. Some medical supplies, such as insulin or vaccines, are extraordinarily fragile and need to stay cool, or they might degrade and risk a patient’s health. Refrigerated vans help ensure those medicines can reach their communities and keep people safe.


You might wonder why flowers would require refrigeration. Many floral shops will deliver to a wide range of customers, from locals to those all over the country. Once they’ve cut or harvested a flower, the best way to prevent it from wilting is by keeping it between 34 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The right refrigerated van will help flowers remain intact when delivering them to customers.


It would be awful to spend hours working on different meals to ship out, only to have them either spoil or lose flavor due to unideal conditions. Not only is it good practice to refrigerate your food for transport, but FDA regulations require specific temperatures for food. With refrigerated vans, your food will be climate-controlled for the length of its travel.

With all the different industries that can benefit from a refrigerated van, there’s a good chance you may need one. At Emerald Transportation Solutions, we offer many options, from large refrigerated vans to small refrigerated trucks. Feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.