Refrigerated Ford Delivery Vans

The Ford Motor Company is practically synonymous with American ingenuity and power. From its modest beginnings in a shed outside Henry Ford’s home to the technical feats that take place on its factory floors today, Ford’s rich history is ingrained in each and every automobile that rolls off the assembly line.

Today, Ford vehicles are known for their strength, durability, and superior hauling performance. These same qualities are precisely what makes their trucks and vans absolutely perfect for your business’s delivery demands. Emerald Transportation Solutions makes it easy to find the right refrigerated delivery vehicle for you. We offer a comprehensive line of refrigerated Ford delivery vans, trucks, and our signature Van max.

The van max combines all the best qualities of both a truck and a van. It has a large amount of space to store cargo, while still being easy to drive like a van. This is a wonderful option since it has a low purchase cost, low operating cost, and excellent fuel efficiency.

Do you have to transport smaller quantities of perishable items to various locations in town? Our refrigerated Ford delivery vans make it incredibly easy to quickly load and unload cargo while navigating tight spaces and parking spots. You’ll find that our Ford freezer vans for sale are effortless to drive along narrow streets and maneuver in and out of congested areas. These qualities allow you to transport products at any time of day without worrying about drivers getting frustrated in heavy traffic.

For businesses like grocery stores that need to deliver substantial amounts of perishable items at the same time, our Ford refrigerated trucks provide a smooth, climate-controlled ride. These vehicles are also perfect for long drives when you want to be sure you’re keeping plenty of goods at the right temperature during the trip.

Each model type of vehicle we offer is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, making it easy to find one that fits your needs. Check out our selection of refrigerated Ford delivery vans, trucks, and more.