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Small Business Ideas That Need Refrigerated Vans

Todd Cawley | May 26th, 2022

Refrigerated vans and other temperature-controlled vehicles continually maximize the production and quality of supply chains across multiple industries. Refrigerated vehicles typically transport goods for large companies, but the investment can also be beneficial on a smaller scale. When a small business doesn’t require or desire a large, insulated truck, the best solution is refrigerated vans.

A van doesn’t require the same power as a truck, nor does it require specific licenses to operate it. The reduced size of a refrigerated van also provides easier access to unload and reload shipments, which is not the case for larger reefer trucks. Temperature-controlled vehicles provide safe hauling of temperature-sensitive goods like flowers, food, and furniture and reduce the risk of damaging goods during the transportation process. Investing in refrigerated vans provides business owners with accessible control over the timing, scheduling, and temperature adjustment in delivering cargo. If you’re considering using insulated transportation to maximize business productivity, explore these small business ideas that need refrigerated vans.

Floral Businesses

If you’re a floral company making local deliveries, a refrigerated van is a solid investment to preserve the quality of your flowers. Insulated compartments inside a refrigerated van prevent flowers from wilting or discoloring by stabilizing the temperature required to preserve freshness. A refrigerated van is also the appropriate size to ship flowers between locations.

Meal Programs

Meal program coordinators are responsible for delivering fresh meals to multiple locations in a community. Since meal programs are time-sensitive and often serve multiple locations in a day, an insulated vehicle can remove the extra pressure of delivering meals before they spoil. A refrigerated van also ensures the organizations and community members you’re serving receive quality meals.

Art and Antique Dealers

Small novelty businesses like antique or fine art shops can also benefit from using a refrigerated van to transport goods. Antiques and fine art often feature materials that are sensitive to heat and humidity. If paintings or old furniture are stored in high temperatures, these goods can become damaged before they reach the gallery or shop. A refrigerated van safely transports these delicate items while preserving their quality.

Catering Companies

Even small catering companies benefit from the features of a refrigerated van. A temperature-controlled food catering van preserves the taste and texture of your foods by maintaining the temperature at which they were first prepared. Maintaining the proper temperature of food can save your catering business time in the form of additional storage or preparation upon delivery. A temperature-controlled vehicle also permits your small business to travel further distances and expand your clientele.

While perishable food is the most popular item transported in refrigerated vans, these insulated vehicles are a versatile form of transportation that benefit a broad range of companies. Emerald Transportation Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your refrigerated vehicle needs. Explore our selection of refrigerated vans to maximize the transportation process of your cargo.

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What does under DOT mean?

Questions regarding DOT requirements come up often. 10,000 lbs GVW (gross vehicle weight) and over are commercial vehicles that fall under the Department of Transportation regulatory requirements.

What is the difference between GVW and payload?

GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight is the entire weight of the vehicle including the payload. The payload weight represents the amount of cargo you are hauling.

What is a self-powered unit and a vehicle-powered unit?

A self-powered unit has its own fuel source and will run independent of the truck. This is the heaviest and most expensive option. While vehicle-powered units run off the engine via a compressor mounted on the engine. These are less expensive and lighter in weight but you must run the truck or plug the electric standby into shore power.

What does K-factor mean and why is that important?

K-factor is a term that stands for the overall insulating value of the container (truck body). Quite simply the lower the K-factor the better the truck body will be able to maintain a given temperature and require less energy to do so.

How much lighter is a Poly Van vs a US spec body?

Poly Van bodies are very light. On average we estimate we are 75-150 lbs per foot lighter than a traditional sheet and post foamed in place body. These weight savings translates to less fuel burn and less CO2 emissions, along with added payload, the most important benefit.

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