The Importance of Refrigerated Truck Temperature

Many perishable goods and products rely on sustaining a specific temperature zone during transportation to keep them safe. It’s critical to have dependable refrigerated vehicles that can stabilize these temperatures. Read on to learn more about the importance of refrigerated truck temperature.

What Is Truck Refrigeration?

Truck refrigeration refers to transporting perishable products using refrigerated (reefer) trucks. These vehicles have mechanical systems that keep frozen and chilled items at proper temperatures while traveling from point A to B. You place these products inside an insulated compartment that you then seal tight to create a self-contained atmosphere. Specialized components, including an evaporator, condenser, and compressor, come together to remove hot air and pump in cooler air to keep this compartment at its set temperature.

Many Products Require Refrigerated Trucks

Some items must remain refrigerated at all times to stay fresh or functional. Fresh produce, flowers, dairy, meat, seafood, and many chemicals and medicinal items fall within this category. Transporting these products in refrigerated vehicles is advantageous since you can maintain the temperature during the trip.

Protect Delicate Items Beyond Food

Refrigerated shipping also preserves valuable art and antique items, which require a consistent temperature to stay in pristine condition. Extreme climates and temperatures can harm personal care items like fragrances and cosmetics as well. Without reefer trucks, it can be nearly impossible to deliver these items around the country.

Decrease Risks of Foodborne Illness

Bacteria, viruses, and parasites are examples of biological threats. Bacteria and viruses cause many foodborne diseases. Biological hazards pose the greatest threats to food safety, and one of the most significant causes behind their appearance is poor temperature management. Refrigerated trucks help prevent these dangers from manifesting because the temperature remains adequately regulated inside the cabin. This point stresses the importance of refrigerated truck temperatures.

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