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Tips To Start a Pet Food Delivery Business

Joe Dickman | February 10th, 2021

People love their pets, so there’s a lot of opportunity in the pet industry. If you want to reach a lot of customers, you must deliver or ship your product. There’s much to consider when starting a delivery business, so it’s important to do your research. We put together a guide with tips to start a pet food delivery business, so read on to learn more.

Form a Legal Entity

First, it’s essential to form a legal entity. This is when you choose the name of your business and sign paperwork that allows you to conduct business. There are a few different options to choose from including a sole partnership, partnership, corporation, and limited liability company. Many businesses choose a limited liability company, otherwise referred to as an LLC. It’s important to form a legal entity because it protects you as an individual. If you don’t feel confident doing this on your own, consider reaching out to a registered agent for assistance.

Get on Social Media

It’s important to advertise your pet food delivery business so that people know the products and services you offer. One of the best ways to advertise for free is via social media. When you choose a username, make sure it’s the same name as your business. You can hire influencers to talk about your product or services, or you could post yourself. Whichever you choose to advertise, make sure to post consistently. The more people see your brand, the more likely they are to try it. You can post pictures of your products and share positive customer reviews. Social media is a great tool for your business.

Choose Transportation

Pet food has changed a lot over the years. People want their pets to eat quality ingredients. In fact, many pet foods are made with ingredients that are safe for humans. To ensure the pet food is fresh when it arrives, it must remain at a controlled temperature. One of the best tips to start a pet food delivery business is to invest in a refrigerated delivery van. If the bag says to store in a cool and dark place, it must also be shipped in that condition. This is something to keep in mind when you develop your business plan.

If you’re interested in starting a pet food delivery business, we’ve got everything you need for transportation. At Emerald Transportation Solutions, we offer refrigerated vans that meet all your business’s needs. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!

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What does under DOT mean?

Questions regarding DOT requirements come up often. 10,000 lbs GVW (gross vehicle weight) and over are commercial vehicles that fall under the Department of Transportation regulatory requirements.

What is the difference between GVW and payload?

GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight is the entire weight of the vehicle including the payload. The payload weight represents the amount of cargo you are hauling.

What is a self-powered unit and a vehicle-powered unit?

A self-powered unit has its own fuel source and will run independent of the truck. This is the heaviest and most expensive option. While vehicle-powered units run off the engine via a compressor mounted on the engine. These are less expensive and lighter in weight but you must run the truck or plug the electric standby into shore power.

What does K-factor mean and why is that important?

K-factor is a term that stands for the overall insulating value of the container (truck body). Quite simply the lower the K-factor the better the truck body will be able to maintain a given temperature and require less energy to do so.

How much lighter is a Poly Van vs a US spec body?

Poly Van bodies are very light. On average we estimate we are 75-150 lbs per foot lighter than a traditional sheet and post foamed in place body. These weight savings translates to less fuel burn and less CO2 emissions, along with added payload, the most important benefit.

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