4 Tips for a Greener Shipping Strategy

Though many companies focus on how to manufacture products without hurting the environment, their shipping methods and materials also affect their overall environmental impact. Luckily, there are several tips for a greener shipping strategy that can drive down your company’s carbon footprint.

Invest in a Lightweight Fleet

The gasoline your vehicles consume shipping your product is a significant chunk of your company’s total impact. To prevent harmful exhaust emissions from clogging the atmosphere, consider purchasing vehicles built to strategically weigh less. The lower the weight of a van or truck, the easier it is for the vehicle’s engine to propel it forward and the higher its overall miles per gallon. In all, this increased efficiency translates to fewer fill-ups, less gasoline consumed, and money saved as an added bonus.

Emerald Transportation Solutions specializes in providing specifically lightweight, eco-friendly vehicles for this purpose and offer everything from small refrigerated trucks to insulated vans for temperature-regulated shipping.

Use Recycled/Recyclable Boxes

Another tip for a greener shipping strategy is to use recycled or recyclable boxes for your products. Inquire about your packaging’s classification—there are a couple of designations that help you determine if it would truly be environmentally friendly to use. These include the lauded Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) designation for responsibly sourced paper products. Also, the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) designation illustrates the packaging includes safe adhesives.

Ditch Styrofoam

As you look to fill your packages to keep everything intact, leave Styrofoam behind. There are several fibrous, recyclable filling materials that function as effectively as this styrene substance without the consequences of its use. These includes Styrofoam’s propensity to break down into small pieces animals inadvertently consume and the extremely long time it and other petroleum-based plastics take to break down.

Offset Your Carbon Impact

One final note—if you struggle to find a way to diminish your direct environmental impact, consider an indirect means: offsetting your carbon footprint. To make it simpler, the Carbon Fund offers a tool for calculating your shipment footprint and finds causes you can support so you end up carbon neutral in the end. These range from tree-planting missions in certain countries to wind farm initiatives and so much more.