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How the Holidays Affect the Food Catering Industry

Joe Dickman | December 20th, 2021

The holidays are a wonderful time to get together with family and share a delicious meal. Indeed, for many restaurants and caterers, this is one of the year’s busiest periods as people plan parties and serve large groups of people in their homes.

Businesses that work in these sectors should make sure they’re doing everything they can to meet the many demands of the season. Continue reading to learn more about how the holidays affect the food catering industry and how you can capitalize on it.

As Cold Weather Comes Out, People Stay In

It’s no surprise that people in many parts of the country would rather stay inside than brave the cold weather that comes along with the holiday season. For restaurants that operate in places where chilly weather and snowy conditions occur, this can result in a significant loss in their dine-in crowds. Conversely, this also means a much higher uptick in people ordering delivery and looking for ways to feed people without making the trek through piercing winds and freezing temperatures.

Even Small Gatherings Can Mean Big Business

Many families and friends like to get together around this time of year and sit back and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it’s an entire family reunion or just some old college buddies catching up, people often want to leave the cooking to someone else so they can focus on the fun. If you can keep up with the demand for these moments, you can help put a smile on people’s faces while making the most of their holiday.

Mid-Year Graduations Happening as Well

Another reason for celebration is that many college students will be graduating at the end of the winter semester. Families frequently host large celebrations to commemorate their new graduates, bringing in relatives and friends from all cross the country. These graduation celebrations are yet additional occasions that often result in hiring the wonderful services of catering companies.

People May Need Multiple Delivery Options

When delivering meals, consider that different circumstances may arise about how clients want their food offered. Some clients may wish for the food to be hot and ready to serve the minute you drop it off, while others may require you to chill and preserve foodstuffs so they can re-heat and present it at a later time. Having refrigerated and insulated vehicles capable of managing and maintaining meals at various temperatures can be an absolute necessity.

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Parties

The fact that practically every business in the country and many households will organize holiday parties at some point is perhaps the most positive effect for catering businesses during this time. These occasions provide an excellent opportunity to fill them with various foods, ranging from finger sandwiches to delectable desserts. Keep in mind that this can be even more impactful as people can organize and come together safely compared to this time last year.

This Is the Time Companies Splurge

One of the biggest reasons why catering gets such a big boost is that many companies consider the holidays the perfect time to finally splurge on premium and gourmet food and drink options that they might otherwise balk at. Furthermore, holding a Holiday party can be a massive benefit for staff morale, so businesses view these costs as nearly essential for the success of their organizations. Understanding this mindset helps your business fully capitalize on the opportunity and ensure that you are rising to the occasion.

How To Take Advantage of the Holiday Season

Around this time, many restaurants and catering companies see their highest volume of meal deliveries. Make sure you’re well prepared to take advantage of the opportunity for massive revenue increases throughout the holiday season. The last thing you want is to be unable to meet demand, which could limit your profit potential.

Invest in Delivery Vehicles

You’ll need to have the means to safely and securely transport a large number of prepared meals to various clients. Investing in food catering vans gives you the perfect climate-controlled vehicles to deliver food and beverages without worrying about spoilage. Having dedicated vehicles makes it easy to determine whether you can manage multiple orders and large volumes, which is critical given the number of people families and businesses need to feed.

Allocate Resources To Catering If You Haven’t Already

If you’re a restaurant owner or manager who doesn’t typically focus on catering operations, now is the perfect time to work on creating a menu featuring massive quantities of food for people to choose from. You’ll want to take some time to plan and strategize how your current kitchen, workers, food suppliers, and other essentials can come together to accommodate these menus without negatively impacting the rest of your business as well. However, diverting several resources to catering opens a considerable opportunity for sales that would have previously received little attention.

Send a Bit of Cheer To Your Past Clients

With just a simple email or card with a slight personal touch, you can let clients who’ve used your catering services in the past know that you’re still thinking about them. You can also remind them how much they previously enjoyed your food. You can even provide them discounts to help encourage them to order from your company once again. This is the perfect way to get repeat business from folks who you know enjoy how you operate and what you have to offer them.

Pare Down Your Menu

Bear in mind that a concise menu is more likely to capture your customers’ interest. When your catering menu is overstuffed and bogged down with too many descriptors or unrelated foods, it can overwhelm clients who may already be juggling many different things. Regardless of how basic and straightforward your menu is, don’t forget to express to your customers that you are receptive to modifying your catering services depending on their unique demands.

Knowing how the holidays affect the food catering industry lets your company create the best arrangements and strategies possible, enabling you to help others have a festive time while growing your sales. Emerald Transportation Solutions is here to help with the best food catering vans on the market. We know that it’s critical to have transportation that you can depend on for consistent temperature control and affordable, optimum performance while maintaining your catering business. Feel free to contact us today with any questions about our vehicles. We’re more than happy to help!

How the Holidays Affect the Food Catering Industry

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