Is it Cheaper to Convert an Old Refrigerator Van or Buy a New Refrigerator Van?

Suppose you own a young transportation company that requires refrigerated vans. In that case, you’re probably trying to gauge the cost of a new refrigerated van and wondering whether it would be cheaper to convert an old van into a refrigerated one. If it is more affordable, will it allow you to provide the same quality of service as a new one? The answer to the first question is certainly yes for the short term, but the answer to the second question is debatable.


If you’re trying to convert an old van, you have to decide if you will install a new or used refrigeration system. A used refrigeration system will cost less in the short term, but it may mean you have to repair it more often. A new refrigeration system will be pricier, but you can expect it to last longer. Ultimately, you will get what you pay for. In addition to the refrigeration system, you will need your van to be insulated, which is a separate cost. 


Depending on the unit you purchase and the service provider you choose to install it, the cost of converting an old van could run anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. Depending on the size of the van, the cost of buying a new reefer van can range between $30,000 to $60,000. While that seems to be a significant amount of money you can save on your upfront cost of starting your business, buying a new refrigerated van could be an invaluable investment.


First, having a good reputation when you start your business is essential. The last thing you want to deal with is losing a shipment and having an unsatisfied client because your used refrigeration system broke down in transit just a few weeks after you bought it. Or your used unit may be having problems, in general, getting the temperature exactly right. Word of mouth or a bad review of such a mishap could sink your business, and you may not be able to recover. Buying a new refrigerated van is the best way to ensure that you provide a reliable delivery service that keeps the items you’re shipping at the exact temperature they need to be. Buying a new van also means you can customize it to suit the specific cargo you transport. The manufacturer you buy from should be able to work with you to build out certain temperature zones.


Buying a new vehicle will also help your operating budget regarding repair costs. Repairing a refrigerated unit isn’t cheap, so trying to convert an old van could be more expensive in the long run than buying a new one. More often than not, new vans will also be more fuel-efficient than old ones, saving you money on fuel.


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